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For Crying Out Loud...

Talking about mental health in the Performing Arts

I have been working in the performing arts industry, as both a performer and an educator, for more than 30 years...  but I have been living with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorder for even longer (since my age was in single digits).

For decades I did everything I could to hide my mental health battles, believing that my inability to overcome it was a character flaw - a failure...  At the very core of my being, I still believe this is true, but in verbalising my mental health journey I am seeking a louder voice to re-frame this internal, destructive narrative...

If the enforced isolation of the global pandemic of 2020-21(?) has taught me anything, it is that "solitary confinement" is used as a punishment in prison for a reason... battling any illness alone compounds the difficulty of that battle - when that battle is with your own brain chemistry and brain function?  Well, I am yet to find an effective solo -defense against it.


I'm here to explore and to learn...

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